My practice is about the transformative power women hold alongside the fascination our culture has with the ability to “modify”. My work interprets the underlying dynamics of female roles and questions its austerity with elaborate furnishings and symbols of beautification. Orbiting around the themes of femininity, raunch culture, and beauty, my work endeavors to gauge what identity is through being a woman.  It becomes a series of questions grounded in the criticality in which we approach beauty- highlighting the female as iconic, mystical, and raw – as the woman becomes weighed with embellishments and paralleled with creatures that delve into imaginary reconstruction. 

My body of work, Contemplating the Cake, uses collected ephemera from the 1940’s until now accompanied by the use of butterflies and moths. Several of the pieces include small portraits delicately painted on top of the butterflies’ wings. In others, letters and phrases have been carefully laser cut through the wing itself. I use “wings” to parallel notions of beauty - the interiority and exteriority of the female and the existence between the real and fantastical world.

Currently, my most recent work explores the symmetry of self through intaglio, painting, and installation. It questions the fragmented nature of how we pursue ourselves in life through performance and disguise.